Sometimes I draw.


winter boyfriends

I’m gonna grow ten necks with all the eggnog and pies I keep on eating laughs _(:3/ L)_

Hope ya’ll had a feliz navidad!+*+*+*

Short of an `angel` AU where people grow their own pair of wings.  These comes in many different colors and sizes, though in Shinji’s case his weren’t growing as fast as others, which end up with him feeling ashamed of them and getting mocked by many of his classmates.

Kaworu in the other hand always cheered on Shinji, giving him words of encouragement and patience, and sometimes helping him fly (since his were too small to be able to lift him).  

With time his wings eventually grew~ and so did their love e  /spits at how cheesy that sounded/  

yeahhhhh…. kinda like that! god im so gay…..im sorr..y.

looking hella

I need to let that petting horse scene out of my system

How come no one is drawing Eren with his titan hairstyle.

My favorite insane babys.

My favorite insane babys.